Friday, May 21, 2010

Restoration shop update to Wednesday May 20th, 2010 (stuff since May1st)

I have been a little remiss lately and did not prepare a report, the time just seems to rocket by. Here is an update on what has gone on the last few weeks.


The Caboose and Car 27: 


The caboose is pretty well completed. The platforms have now been painted and all that is left is the installation of the new counter top when it arrives.


The Tender:


Needle gunning and wire wheeling/buffing still continues. The top is taking longer than the sides. If the weather holds two more sessions should complete this task. Three sides are done and about ½ the top. The coal bunker area will probably only need some wire wheeling. Charls has been busy with the bondo making the dents disappear. We may get a coat of primer on the sides soon.


The Pontiac Hy-Rail Car 26:


The new axel has been repaired and installed. The springs need to be compressed in order to install the shocks. Jack has a device to achieve this so with luck this task will be tackled next Wednesday. Since both ends of the rear axel had studs with right hand thread (the car originally has left hand threaded studs on the left side) the studs were removed from the left front end so the all wheels now have right hand threads. The car is again coming back together. One end of the drive shaft has been installed but the rear shocks have to be in place before the other end can be done. Ross has been shepherding this task along.


The OCR Woodings CBL Speeder: 


Wheels are on and Jim and Jack were working on installing the running boards. The next major task is rewiring and Jack is putting together a parts shopping list.


The CV Crane


Work is underway to prepare the crane for 2010 operation. It needs to be moved into the shop before the end of May and filled with water so that the water will warm up and it will be ready for the hydro test in June. This needs to be done while Andy and John B are off working on tourist railways (the Bluebell & Strathspey Railways) in the UK. Hopefully John H will take the lead on this. Shay inspection will be either the week of June 7th or June 14th.


Baggage Car


The baggage car was moved into the shop the last three weeks to work on the new mounting studs. Ed Sr. is still preparing more parts lathe. The will need to be some carbody repairs before the diaphragms can be installed. Charls did some sandblasting and priming on one of the Wednesday sessions.  





 Job jar tasks for April 28, 2010, and beyond.


1.   Assemble the Pontiac rear end parts.  We have to make two new mounting spacers (design in process) for the lower end of the air shocks.  Ed Sr.


2.   Sort and put the bolts, etc. into the new bins.  Felicity is lead hand on this. (Dave has put the museum material into his stock but there is a surplus that we can use)


3.   Needle gun and wire wheel the tender tank ready for painting.  Paul and crew.


4.   Paint the bunks under the Jordan air tank. Looks like the paint will not stick to the epoxy used to assemble the bunk planks. May need special paint or sandblast the wood first?


5.   Continue research on a solution to turning the tender 180 degrees. This has to be done safely but on the cheap.  John/Bob/Ross.


6.   Paint the six chains for the spreader arms when they are cut to length. Install them.


Now that the baggage car is at the shop, this will be one of the major summer projects. Here are some of the tasks that must be done:


a)   Continue sandblasting the sides, etc., fill the welds, and so on.  Charls G. (In progress)


b)  Drill the existing cut off studs that hold the diaphragm rings, install the new studs, weld in place.  The studs and drill guides are ready.  There are 14 at each end.  We need the big scaffolding outside.

Ross will show you how to do this.  Ed Jr will do the welding. (This is in process)


c)  Repair/straighten/re-weld the pins that hold the canvas to the car body.


d)  Cut out and replace the rotted steel either side of the end door sills. Flush weld please. Make and install new thresholds from 1/8 plate.  Straighten out the tweaked places. Dave Elliott may help with this.


e)  Make two new end doors. Most of the material is in the car.  Ross and Bob Moore.


e)  Sandblast/clean and paint the rings.


Please remember to fill out a time sheet for BRS volunteers.

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